A smart person learns from his experience. A wise person learns from the experience of others. 

We all have been given a limited time to live on this beautiful planet. We are all given the same amount of time every day.

If you are going to live this life experimenting your way to success, like most people, you will be wasting an awful lot of time – time that you can’t redeem back. 

Whether you are wasting your time or spending it wisely, time waits for no one. It flows like a river. You can’t contain it.

So, what is the best secret to success in life? Learn from the people who are already successful!

Thankfully, throughout history, the most brilliant minds wrote what they learned in life. That’s where the importance of books comes in.

If you want to discover how to live this life in the most successful and excellent manner, then the books are the answer!

A lot of people have written down their years of experience and expertise into books. You don’t have to spend ten, twenty, or even a lifetime just to learn what they also learned.

I would say, “Books are the shortcut to learning.” Yes, you can spend your whole life experiencing what you are supposed to learn, but that would also consume a lot of your time. By the end of your experience, you look back and realize you have already burned a big part of your life.

Of course, it is undeniable that reading books takes time as well. With tons of books available today, which one should you read? Thankfully, I got this.

Books for Greatness aims to help you distill the major lessons and key takeaways from books. I would also select the best books that are worth your time so you don’t have to waste precious moments. 

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